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 Happy New Year BTFer's

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Happy New Year BTFer's Empty
PostSubject: Happy New Year BTFer's   Happy New Year BTFer's EmptySun Jan 06, 2019 6:09 pm

For those of you still getting notifications, a belated Merry Christmas, and I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year.

Who knows what 2019 will bring? Yeah, like I already said before, even though things have grown quiet in our little place of weirdness, I'm not going anywhere. Even I am thrown whenever I get a notification that someone new has joined, or something gets posted, or whatever. They are nice little surprises that I enjoy receiving every so often.

I still think that our collective knowledge we have poured into this place over the years is just as helpful as it always has been, and I still have no intention of taking it down.

I feel very strongly that this place matters, not only because of the information we have pulled together about bass tremolos, but also because of the memories we have created. We've had a lot of fun here, and I am leaving the door open to creating more fun.

Cheers, Everyone.


Eric Haven
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Happy New Year BTFer's
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