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 New Member with a 7410 "will it fit?" question...

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Ian Perge

Ian Perge

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PostSubject: New Member with a 7410 "will it fit?" question...   Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:07 pm

(Reposted from the "New Member" Forum: Apologies if it's against Forum Rules, but I saw that the view count was far greater in the Kahler-specific Forum. If so, amends No ...)

As my User Name suggests, my name's Ian (Location: Evansville, Indiana) and if you're also a member of TalkBass you'd might very well recognize me from there, as I'm been a Member for over a decade (and putting it that way, Ugh I'm feeling old... Rolling Eyes ) I've also been a Lurker her for a decent amount of time as I've had the desire for a whammy-fied Bass for a good long time, and now the time has come to start on that "project". However, I have a question that I could use any advice that more knowledgeable members have to give.

For several years I've had the concept for & talked about a dedicated "Efx Bass", combining a Kahler Bass Tremolo along with a Bass Sustainiac for crazy Lead Sounds using effects and the somewhat "distorted"/"grindy" tone of a bowed upright when using clean or light SVT-type Overdrives. Bassist Terry Law on YouTube came up with the same concept independently, has built several basses and has videos up showing the end product of the idea.

Anyway, I've come to the time where I'm ready to tackle this project head-on (the Wife has finished her Doctorate and gotten a significant raise at work, so I'm got some extra "playing around" money cheers ) and would rather try and modify a production bass as opposed to going completely custom to not have this be a high-cost project... but realize that my desire for not just a trem but a Bass Sustainiac as well as a pickup configuration that would work for both makes that a hard search. However, I think I've found the production bass that will work for spacing both the Bass Sustainiac (which must be close to the fretboard end to pick up the string vibrations and "renew" them for lack of a better term) and room at the bridge and back of the Bass for the Kahler to be countersunk and installed.

Could anyone do me a huge favor and take a look at the photos below and give me your opinion on whether there's room at the back between the end of the custom Music Man-type pup (a custom replacement for the original's Bassline's MM-type) and end of the bass to fit and intonate a 7410 trem? (from the owner's measurements there's approximately 4" from the end of the MM pickup to the end of the Bass) I'm about to drop the bomb on this Bass, but realized that making sure the trem install would work... would help. Majorly so. I'm certainly not asking for a definite "Absolutely!" based on some pictures, but "Probably" to "No Way!" would give me a direction to go in the project at this time

Thanks for any help you can pass along to me, and it's good to be aboard!




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PostSubject: Re: New Member with a 7410 "will it fit?" question...   Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:24 pm

Howdy again, Ian! Laughing

I answered in your original post that a Hipshot would fit on your bass. Hard for me to do, since I am a Kahler guy, but I recognize that you have to be able to work with the bass you've got.

I, too, have toyed with the Sustainiac idea. I spoke to them about it, and they indicated as you already said about the pickup placement. I still might try it one day.

Eric Haven
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New Member with a 7410 "will it fit?" question...
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