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 A challenge from John/Wammi J

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PostSubject: A challenge from John/Wammi J   Wed May 23, 2012 9:46 am

Eric, I want to give you and your people a challenge. I want them all to design a bass that everyone wants to buy using a current 7410. Shape, frets, neck, scale, weight, colors, woods, electronics...passive, active?? etc. A wish list. Use the forums and a voting area.. Think beyond the box. Get a concensus. I also want a cost they are REALLY willing to pay for it. Let them be heard by Kahler and actually have a design part in the build. In 2 weeks my first Axefire guitars will be ready. The build quality is phenom!

My current bass design is P/J bass style.. 30" or 34" scale and half fretless with whammy and P/J passive pups and a built in piezo for upright sounds. Mag/Acoustic blend control. Larger control cavity and dual battery compartments for future electronics. Retail cost is hopefully under $500 with a blonde hardshell case.

So see what they all say... I think it will be alot of fun getting everyone involved.
Thank you,
John Cecchini
Kahler Customer Support Dept.
(760) 494-5969

Eric Haven
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PostSubject: Re: A challenge from John/Wammi J   Wed May 23, 2012 7:45 pm

i currently have about 5 body designs that are ready for prototype builds. (i'll need to pull them off the old computer) problem is ... 14 hrs a day in the new gun metal shop, a wife who wants this painted and that fixed and this new overwhelming drive to learn 6 string and obtain good gear for that (blackstars are nice but i think i'm gonna end up with a carvin tube amp for $300 less), the LP copy (Gibsun Least Puul) I just bought and am gonna rebuild, rebuilding the old bass rig, and, in the next two weeks or so, building a new studio at our vocalist's new house so we got a place to play ... there hasnt been very much time to build anything. not to mention i dont have any loot for materials.

if someone else would build it? ..... awesome!

so i got my own home made carvin V440 ... so that wouldnt be it for me.

theres my explorer idea and recently mike with that omega explorer tak ... but thats not really for everybody now is it. (thats one of the 5 designs)

theres a thing that looks like a cross between a wal and a lecompt. i'm not so sure i like that yet or not.

i'm still looking for an alternative to the john paul jones triple omega alembic (because i dont have $6000 for a bass ... nor would i want to rout and drop a kahler in it!). this was actually what i was going to build next.

naw ... something different.

kahler like would be like a kubicki x factor ... not a bad idea.

a stienberger copy ... thaddid just be mean.

lemme do some research and try to incorporate some different styles and see what i come up with.

cost? ...................... $700. $500 is too cheap. i mean, its gotta cover the cost of the kahler and installation ... that leaves what? a $250 bass guitar? i mean, any bass, i really gotta like it to be compelled to buy it, so if i really like it, ide be compelled to spend $700.
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PostSubject: Re: A challenge from John/Wammi J   Wed May 23, 2012 8:09 pm

ya i'd toss 500-700 for a lefty TAK. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: A challenge from John/Wammi J   

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A challenge from John/Wammi J
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