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 tesla corona humbucker

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PostSubject: tesla corona humbucker   Sun Feb 27, 2011 2:26 pm

before, shopping around for a passive soapbar humbucker, all i found was the semour duncan phase II, rio grande and the overpriced q tuners. ok ... actually, compared to what i found, all are overpriced.

tesla pickups .......


these are the ones i got for the boutique custom .......


very warm, organic punchy tone. i would prefer the output to be more around 9K, but i cant have everything, can i?

it seems these got bad reviews but it also seems like those bad reviews came from those who haven't tried them because they bought the comparable priced economy pickups (me too) and got the crap they paid for with the economy, and vowed that no one should buy anything less than joe barden's. i would buy joe's if i could afford them.

probably the best sounding cheap pickup I've experienced yet. almost as good as the semour duncan phase II's without the hassle of a SD tone control.

these would probably be awesome thru an audere audio preamp or one of mike's mr. mings.
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tesla corona humbucker
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