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 Feb 2011 gear hunt

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PostSubject: Feb 2011 gear hunt   Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:32 am

so let's see what is new in the house this month?
got rid of my white Jackson Concert5, got rid of my red Kramer ZX70, got rid of my Ibanez gio200, got rid of my Kramer with the Charvel body.

found a nice ying-yang pair of Kramer 710's, and couldn't say no cause the total was 225 for both, and used the rest of the money on bills Smile
talk about CHEAP, they both sound and play great, but if you look at both of them, the $%&#$%^# CNC machine didn't drill the bridge screws correctly--both bridges are oppositely crooked. -- hahahaha

I made a video with the white one just to have a record of "before-after", since it is passive AND the knobs a TTV, not VVT it get's a good blend of tones off the Spector pickups but I'm preamping it anyway. ( The 710's ARE plywood, but got the Schaller bridge and Spector pups unlike the 700's which got generic bridge and pups. The pink righty I bought honestly just for the SKB case to put the lefty in. It don't fit in the foam as-is, so I'll chop the foam up and glue the liner back in place... The white one came in a Kramer "bag", but that bag works on the righty so when I sell it I'll sell it in a bag.

anyone want it for 100 bucks? Like a Star @ heaven

ALSO MY series10 is now at MadMike's workshop for restoration, so although I told him he could work on it for a month, he says only a couple weeks.
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Feb 2011 gear hunt
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