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 next refurb job.

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next refurb job. Empty
PostSubject: next refurb job.   next refurb job. EmptyFri Dec 03, 2010 7:08 pm

next refurb job. Wshbrn12

washburn b2.

dominic gave it to me and i dont think he wants it back. all the work i've put into it ... he aint gettin it back anyway.

i put a new high mass bridge on it and a dimarzio split p.

i'm gonna strip it and give it some paint (currently its all chipping away). i got an associate who can spray dyes and has multi directional two tone paint.

no trem on this one guys ... sorry ... no room.

i gotta figure out what i'm gonna do with the neck ... this is the one the truss rattles on. i'm gonna start by simply just re-hydrating it. next would be to try that wood swell chemical. if that doesnt work, i might just dump some tool handle rubber down there. the action and playability has always been fine (not the best ... cheap bass) so if i get it set and lock it in ... no biggie.

heres the kicker .............


i'll be the only one who has one that i'de ever seen.

i figured i'de drop the xlpc right under the bridge at the top of the cavity. i havent decided to run it on its own 1/4 jack or to have it switch bass on, theremin off / bass off, theremin on.

i'm open for other suggestions as to cool stuff to do with this bass.
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next refurb job. Empty
PostSubject: Re: next refurb job.   next refurb job. EmptySat Dec 04, 2010 12:24 am

That looks like a cool project!

I'm intrigued by the theremin idea. If you can, I'd be interested in hearing some sound clips after you install it.

And a Kahler wouldn't fit, but a Hipshot would. Just a thought. Wink

Eric Haven
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next refurb job.
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