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 Rubbing the fur the wrong way

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PostSubject: Rubbing the fur the wrong way   Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:34 am

I starting playing bass at 13 in the 70's, went to art college, played out a lot, band broke up, Starting fooling around with recording Solo Bass around 82 or so, got a Kahler when they first came out and never looked back.

Always the one to go against the grain or question "why?"

Owned an Alfa, play Gibson basses, like Captain Beefheart - Meshsuggah, rub my dog's fur the wrong way.

I have doing this weird music for so long, I do not really play "bass" anymore.

A have a bad back & I recently had Carpel Tunnel , which I have pretty much recovered from, but found it has taken away from playing both in endurance & speed. I have to gradually ease back in and do stretches before I play.

My name is from my dogs, which are Basenji's, barkless dogs. I can't sing so it seemed like a good name.

Testing the imbedding feature-my dogs new role in life-checking the sump pump