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 the reconstruction plans .........

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PostSubject: the reconstruction plans .........   Sat Sep 05, 2009 7:51 pm

was down looking at the basement of the new house. this will be the bands new practice space in the spring. ittl be nice not to have to load equipment to, in, out and back home for band practice every week.

first thing that needs to happen .....

i need to clean everything, scrape and scrub the walls and floor, re - parch the walls (like mortar), waterproof, and coat everything. viola ... new basement! lots a work.

second is upgrading the electrical. new breaker box with outlets on either side and the back on different breakers. i'm also gonna hafta run some duct work for ventalation/heat/ac vents into the space.

this is where you guys come in. i've never properly soundproofed or sound engineered a studio / practice space. i've hung carpets and screwed that tyvec crap to the ceiling to dampen the sound at my old bands practice space, but i definately want this space to look nicer than that cheapo job ... this is my house. i dont know how to best use materials to achieve a good sound.

right outta the gate ... no acoustical tile. yuk.

the space is about 14' x 18' with the back wall i'm gonna drywall to separate from my shop. i have the beams in the celing to deal with that i dont want to drywall over (lots wires and pipes i dont want to cutoff access to).

the first things in my mind tells me ... lotsa acoustical foam in the nooks and crannies and blue carpet on the walls, floor and pieced together on the ceiling beams.

i'm curious for your guys input about my plans and/or any experience you may have in such a project ... good design, things to stay away from, materials, vendors for such or good products, etc.
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PostSubject: Re: the reconstruction plans .........   Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:56 am

although I never went the "pretty" route Mike, I also had to rewire the outlets in the garage jamroom also because of humming and one 15 amp C.B on 6 outlets wasnt enough with all the older tube type amps cranking......lol tripped that bad-boy many times before we rewired it .

I thought of doing the "make it nice and acoustically correct" for recording purposes before, just never took the time to put it into place...damn el-cheapo basses seem to come first before a few hundred on "studio" materials.
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the reconstruction plans .........
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