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 singers are the worst - part2

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PostSubject: singers are the worst - part2   Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:29 pm

ok so let me tell you what happened:

I told our singer ( check out the 2 band videos I put up ) before we got started the other night to do good cause I was gonna post something...he said fine he would give it his "all"

well the videos are garbage, and i posted them anyway to show the world, and he got pissed. I told him if this is any example of the singing he is gonna do when we get on stage, and people are laughing at the horrible yelling he was doing in the videos he needs to get it together or I'll fire him...

It should have made him happy I'm showing his/our stuff to the world.

well, he quit, and I'm glad because we already had another guy in the wings waiting. I will post with the new singer this weekend, and show everyone the difference once we jam on Thursday night. it is the same guy who did this second split video with me about a year ago (oct2008), if you wanna compare: