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 Breaking out of old habits

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PostSubject: Breaking out of old habits   Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:52 am

Every recording I do is an experiment in some way. Still, though I try to fight from using "Auto pilot" in my playing, structuring, arranging material the same way again & again.

The problem becomes the longer you play the harder it becomes to change old habits and find something really new (for you) to play.

Things I have tried-

In arrangement & playing - No structure, no repeating structure, no known pattern playing, using random note choices from unexpected sources, mathematical patterns transfered to bass, imitating vocal patterns, animals & other instruments, Role reversal for the instruments, playing around with how one plays on the beat and cut & paste.

New Pedals & Basses-always stirs something up.

What have you guys experimented with or used to push your creativity?
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking out of old habits   Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:56 am

Barklessdog wrote:
What have you guys experimented with or used to push your creativity?
the easy answer is:
different kinds of herbal mind stimulants because caffeine and alcohol sometimes just don't do it? geek

but it IS hard to turn around and find something totally different and new anymore after so many years of playing a lot of weird and different stuff.

as far as physical "I wonder what this will sound like" stuff, I don't really have too many effects past my RP50 and my BP200, but honestly, even switching basses within a "jam session" can change the tone just enough to make me think outside the box a little more, or different tunings not normally used by anyone commonly.

I started out as a rock bassist, and ended up as a rock bassist IMO. ( all the other weird stuff just came naturally ) clown
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Breaking out of old habits
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