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 Backward Bass & Kahler

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PostSubject: Backward Bass & Kahler   Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:25 am

Melt Pajamas -Using the RD & Kahler, Digitech Whammy, Line 6 Delay & ZVex Fuzz Factory. A song which I was trying to cop a Melt Banana / Lightning Bolt feel


The little flute part was playing harmonics through the digitech whammy two octaves up using the kahler & played backwards.

The Rd gets impossible harmonics & sustain. Harmonics I have yet to get on any bass. What's great is the active treble boost from the moog circuit

The intro screaming part is just the bass (no octive up) using a technique where a reach over hand with my left hand, push the G string down between the front pickup and neck and bend the piss out of it till it tunes with a song.

You can see thw wear marks on the pickup from years of doing this-

You also get a "jug" sound when you do this to the lower strings. Here on Crazy Cats as well

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PostSubject: Re: Backward Bass & Kahler   Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:17 pm

haha BD, I thought this was a thread for ME ......nope

( meaning played backwards and has a kahler on it )
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Backward Bass & Kahler
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