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 Re-posting of THE RULES

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PostSubject: Re-posting of THE RULES   Sun Jul 05, 2009 2:14 pm

I created this place so that players using bass trems could find advice, support, and solutions. And I know that for the most part, everyone is pretty decent. But we are also musicians, which means we are sometimes loonies. I trust you guys, but I just want it made clear that I want this place to be fun and decent. So, just to keep it all above the board, I am posting a couple of pretty easy rules to observe while here.

1) No flaming/harassing another member. If you have a problem with someone, try and work it out through diplomacy. I want you guys to get along while here, since this is supposed to be a place of harmony and sharing.

2) No blatant nastiness/obscenity/profanity. Even I use the occasional "colorful metaphor" once in a while, but try and remember that this board is viewable by all age groups. I do have word censors in place for the worst of words, but please don't test them, ok? And anything considered to be too over-the-top will be removed.

3) NO SPAM OF ANY KIND!!! If you have a bass-related product, and you wish to advertise here, we have a section devoted to the sale of items, and you are welcome to advertise your wares for free. But I will not tolerate SPAM of any kind. If your only desire to be here is to post SPAM links, don't bother registering. First violation will result in a warning, and the second violation you will be banned.

Eric Haven
Bass Tremolo/Distortion Abuser
Bass Tremolo Fanatics Site Admin
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Re-posting of THE RULES
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