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 Good stuff

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PostSubject: Good stuff   Fri Jun 12, 2009 1:41 am

Here's a band I've been digging a LOT lately. Some of you might like them as well--Primordial.

The first exposure I got to them was from a Marduk song--Accuser/Opposer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXrflHH3dR0 @ 2:50). The vocal performances on it are stunning. And if you listen until the end (about 6:40 in), you get a little gregorian chant as well!

Not only is Mortuus totally on his game with his signature wails and coughing chokes, but a couple lines were sung in a way I never expected to hear on a Marduk album. A little research showed that it was Alan Averill Nemtheanga from Primordial. And he does something on Accuser/Opposer that he doesn't really do anywhere else. I just had to look Primordial up and they've totally stuck with me. And their latest album is just incredible. Here's a song that you all might like.


Apparently, they recorded the whole album using entirely analog equipment and what's on the album are almost entirely 1st or 2nd takes. I don't know if that's true or not, but damn...if so, that is sure a testament to how tight and brutal they are.

Primordial is one of many bands that are just powering out stellar material nowadays. Empires Fall is a song that I think is a hallmark of the spirit of metal nowadays and it's up there with songs like The Serpent's Chalice by Watain or Imago Mortis by Marduk and it has the same ferocity as something like 1349's Hellfire.

Seeing Marduk and Primordial together would be a dream come true. Seeing Alan Averill rape that tune with Marduk would be hell realized. And they've done it, too!

I was supposed to see Marduk at the Mayhem concert (the black metal group Mayhem, not the Mayhem festival with Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, and Behemoth that's coming in about a month) the other week, but they couldn't get their work visas in time to tour (a lot of bullshit from the US embassy, apparently). They're supposed to make up the tour right after "Blackenedfest" is done with. I hope so! I love these guys.
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Good stuff
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