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PostSubject: READ FIRST   Sat Apr 11, 2009 1:33 pm

I have noticed a couple of items for sale here, and I am all for it. So I have created a new section for anyone wishing to either sell their stuff, or try and locate something in particular. The service is free to all members. Any payment arrangements will have to be agreed upon and handled between both the buyer and the seller.

I would rather see a simple flow instead of an auction/haggling kind of scenario, but as long as it's kept friendly, I will allow mutually acceptable negotiating of price.

I have but a few rules governing this new section, so please take the time to read them before posting.


1) Make your listings accurate and honest. If the item has any issues at all, be sure to list them with as much detail as you can.

2) Try to post pictures of the item whenever possible.

3) Don't price gouge using the shipping costs. Be fair, and charge for shipping the honest amount.


1) If you agree to purchase an item, follow through with it. Before committing to a purchase, make certain that you want the item for what the seller is asking.


I, and Bass Tremolo Fanatics, will not be held responsible for any transactions conducted here. The best I can do is work with you in trying to settle disputes. I trust you guys, but I have to make the lousy legal disclaimer to cover my own arse.


Eric Haven
Bass Tremolo/Distortion Abuser
Bass Tremolo Fanatics Site Admin
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